All the public releases of Envy, outlining bug fixes, theme updates and new features.

Version 27.0.1

7th December

  • Accessibility: semantic HTML/Aria update

  • Accessibility: Keyboard navigation improvements

  • Code improvements and tidy up

  • Verification pop up javascript fix

  • Color swatch support for different languages

  • Remove console error on product page

  • Store availability spacing improvements

  • Fix for product grid images

  • Accessibility: semantic HTML/Aria update

  • Accessibility: Keyboard navigation improvements

  • Code improvements and tidy up

  • Verification pop up javascript fix

  • Color swatch support for different languages

  • Remove console error on product page

  • Store availability spacing improvements

  • Fix for product grid images

Version 27.0.0

19th November 2020

  • Improved functionality of product page for out of stock products

  • Improved navigation submenu dropdown functionality

  • Option to show shipping and tax information on the product page

  • Translations added to store pickup feature

  • Focus state improvements

  • Option to add a size guide popup to the product page and featured product section

  • Option to chose selected blog articles in the featured blog section

  • Default color contrast optimised for accessibility

  • New 'shop the look' section on the homepage

  • Keyboard navigation improvements

  • Improved aria attributes

  • Safari fix for cart drawer

Version 26.5.0

25th October 2020

  • Accessibility: Keyboard navigation improvements (started not complete)

  • Accessibility: Focus state improvements

  • Page speed improvements: Add preload attribute for the CSS, fonts and JS

  • Page speed improvements: Add font-display: swap to render text as quick as possible

  • Page speed improvements: Load CSS specific to the page

  • Page speed improvements: Defer scripts

  • Surface pickup/Stock location added

  • Quantity box on cart page updates prices automatically

  • Fix product images on mobile not updating selected variant

  • Fix Safari bug jumping to autoplaying video

  • Improve contact form alignment

  • Fix for submenu items in the mobile navigation

Version 26.4.0

9th October 2020

  • Text advert border color improvements

  • Arrow alignment on newsletter submit

  • Reword 'Add image' to 'Add slide' in slideshow

  • Menu arrow visibility on iPad

  • Video hero section to support Vimeo full URLs

  • Grid item image rendering improvements

  • Theme wide alt tags

  • Add li to the payment icons

  • Allow a single variant to be displayed

  • Improve mobile logo alignment

  • Added verification pop up feature

  • Tidy logo load on password page

  • Hide out of stock setting added to swatches

  • Blockquote styling added.

  • Quantity selector alignment fix, specifically on smaller screens

  • Grid layout option for blog page

  • Swatches style from rectangles to circles

  • Logo in sticky header option

  • Predictive search

  • Cart page quantity AJAX load

Version 26.3.0

5th August 2020

  • Improve cart grid design

  • Integrate Shopify's new social image setting

  • Add Remove product button to Cart Drawer

  • Improve images in the rich text editor

  • Add non-minified JS files & 'Developer' zip file

Version 26.2.0

23rd June 2020

  • Make quantity selector on Featured Product section and Product Pages enabled by default

  • Improve header layout on tablet-sized screens

  • Add in aspect ratio options for grid images

Version 26.1.0

22nd June 2020

  • Improve variant switching on mobile

  • Add regular price translation for screen readers

  • Make social and newsletter titles in footer editable

  • Add default table styles

  • Add stars to testimonials on homepage

  • Improve review link transition

  • Add top bar menu items to mobile menu

  • Add "View all" button to Featured Blog section

  • Video Hero now accepts shortened YouTube URLs

  • jQuery Update

Version 26.0.2

28th May 2020

  • Image improvements

  • JS updates

Version 26.0.1

30th April 2020

  • Password page improvements for IE11

  • Out of stock form error improvement

Version 26

29th April 2020

  • Clean up JS

  • Replace include tags with render

  • New section: Video Hero

  • Review all typography

  • Improve slider overlay position

  • Improve quantity selector design

  • Improve transitions

  • Improve pagination

  • Improve header design

  • Update cookie for pop-up expiration

  • Added TikTok to social media icons and removed Google+

Version 25.1.2

8th April 2020

  • Use localStorage instead of cookies for popup expiration

Version 25.1.1

30th March 2020

  • Improve mobile menu for non-Latin script languages

  • Improve product grid alignment

  • Centre small product images on product page

  • Improve zoom feature UX on product page

Version 25.1

18th March 2020

  • Implement multi-language support

  • Implement multi-currency support

Version 25

9th March 2020

  • Update presets

  • Link titles on Collection list page

  • Improvements for Slideshow typography

  • Improvement for logo list sizing

  • Menu animation improvements

  • Improve dot navigation for Slideshow section

  • Improve button alignment Text over Image section

  • New section: Image with Text Block

  • Map section improvements

  • Improve dropdown selectors across the theme

Version 24

5th March 2020

  • Added support for product media: 3D models and video

Version 23.0.1

12th February 2020

  • Removed the Instagram Section from theme as per Shopify requirements

Version 23

22nd January 2020

  • Animation improvements

  • Pagination improvements (numbers as well as prev/next)

  • Typography updates

Version 22.1

13th January 2020

  • Reword 'slider arrow color' to 'slider navigation color'

  • Maximum width of text on 'image with text'

  • Moved multiple product grid settings to a global section in 'theme settings'

  • Ensure the mega menu overlays all other content

  • Removed legacy 'Related products/Recommended products' settings

  • Homepage section type from 'Products' to 'Product'

  • Map translations changed to sentence case

  • Add in the routes property

  • Update slideshow text position on Copenhagen

  • Fix testimonial dot position

  • Option to hide blog dates

Version 22

18th December 2019

  • Full-screen height slideshow

  • Overlay header

  • Left align sticky header menu

  • Mobile header improvements

  • Improvements to the alt tag on gallery and logo list sections

  • Full site translations

Version 21.1.2

22nd November 2019

  • Fix for adding items to cart when no unit price assigned

Version 21.1.1

18th November 2019

  • Added price per unit support for French and German stores

Version 21.1

14th November 2019

  • Fix for 100% width video pushing page content out on mobile

  • Homepage map fallback image is no longer cropped

  • Pop up general improvements including close button, alignment and image cropping

  • Centred social icons in the right column of the footer across all devices

  • Added the ability to toggle 'Sold out' badge on/off

  • When there is one product option disable dropdown functionality, make it obvious there is only one option

  • Added a carousel when more than 5 product images

Version 21.0.1

24th October 2019

  • Slideshow mobile image fix for tablet

  • Rewording collection page sidebar option

  • Social icon alignment on tablet

  • Background color amend when using diagonal title style

  • Stockholm preset update for new Waves brand

Version 21

21st October 2019

  • Focus on text advert block when editing

  • Improved header social icon placement on tablet

  • Improved footer alignment for tablet

  • Improve slideshow layout on tablet

  • Centring newsletter section title on mobile

  • Reducing spacing on collection page

  • Remove 'hero' and 'menu' title conflicts

  • Show password reset message

  • Product page layout improvements when thumbnails are to the left or right

  • Fix incorrect layout on collections

  • Allow headings to be shown as typed

  • Set 'Image with text' and 'Feature row' to display the same on mobile despite changes to desktop order

  • Show onboarding prices in $ not £

  • Featured collections grid improvement

  • Improve 'hide variant label' settings

  • Tidy up layout on pop up form

  • Tidy up text advert alignment

  • Fix automatic discount effecting quantities

  • Update header colour defaults

Version 20

19th August 2019

  • Added German, French, Spanish and Portuguese translations to the theme settings page

  • Fixed font bug on the announcement bar section

Version 19.5.4

9th August 2019

  • Updated dynamic checkout buttons

  • Removed WeTheme from footer

Version 19.5.2

20th May 2019

  • Fix for new 'Discounts' feature

  • Rejig presets, so Copenhagen now main preset, slideshows have onboarding text

  • Variant image switching fix for mobile

Version 19.5

20th May 2019

  • Automatic Discounts

  • Recommended Products

  • Text Adverts improvements (color contrast on navigation in dark mode)

  • Updated support URL

  • Announcement Bar - Bold option removed (now in typography)

  • Sticky nav fix (Extra padding removed on custom pages)

Version 19.4

4th May 2019

  • Image only section added to the homepage

Version 19.3

10th April 2019

  • Slideshow - text now fades in

  • Blur added to home page section images

  • Option to autohide sold out variants

  • Added 'Cart is empty' into AJAX cart

  • Plugin audit

  • Replace FontAwesome with Feather icons

  • Remove Google+ from social networks

  • Swatches fix for IE

Version 19.2

11th March 2019

  • Mobile slideshow images

  • Review stars under product title when enabled

  • Option to hide sale badges in theme settings

  • New fade in - across store

  • Announcement bar - Font options

  • More product per row options

  • Product page - Thumbnail image fade in delay

  • Sale badge broken on list collections

Version 19.1.1

26th October 2018

  • Password page - jQuery Fixes

  • Cart Drawer - Mobile improvements

  • Duplicate FontAwesome on password page

Version 19.1

25th October 2018

  • Mega Menu functionality option

  • AJAX Cart Drawer

  • Image in "Text over Image" optimised

  • Single variant not showing when only option is 'Default title

  • Gift Card date - Updated

  • Newsletter image alignment fixed

  • Fix product details moving between on sale and not (1 pixel)

Version 19

20th September 2018

  • Tickbox to remove animations

  • Page - Widths

  • Option to go straight to cart when clicking 'Add to cart'

  • 'Select a x' option for product pages

  • Color swatches

  • SKU number option on product page and indiv product home page section

  • RRP option

  • Option to add image into footer

  • Blog posts (home page) - Option to hide blog images

  • Rich text - Widths

  • Slide dots default in testimonials

  • Show/hide 'Follow us' Instagram section button

  • Quantity box - styling updates

  • Ensure 'Text adverts' as both a site, and home page option (as a seperate section)

  • Individual variants in cart

  • Option for case for headers

  • Popup improvements

  • Indiv product dot location

  • jQuery - Conflict minimisation, and update/CDN removal

  • Social media icons to open a new window

  • Product thumbnail layout

  • Image with text - Sizing options

  • Custom HTML padding

  • Buttons to be the same font

  • Date translations

  • Sale badge appearing above the sort dropdown.

  • Auto-height images are stretched out when showing 2 to a row

Version 18

19th July 2018

  • Added optional 'Sticky header' functionality

  • Added missing 'Success message' on contact form

  • Added sold out badge color into theme settings

  • Slider arrows - changed to icons, so now color can be controlled at individual section level

  • Option to hide social icons individually on product and article pages

  • Search bar styling changes (less width to ensure customer doesn't have to travel far to search)

  • Cart styling improvements (increased padding on desktop)

  • Header icons - New iconset, so added option to have 'Solid', 'Medium' and 'Light' weights

  • Zoom optimised, so doesn't load when images too small

  • Payment icons updated

  • Increase max number of slideshow slides (from 6 to 12 - frequent customer request)

  • Header icon sizes - Can now choose between 'Small', 'Medium' and 'Large'

  • Remove menu border in 'Typography', and add option to set in 'Colors'

  • 'Assets' clean-up

  • Fixed bug - Missing link for pages in search results

Version 17.1

30th May 2018

  • New font choices! Over 100 new fonts are now available to choose through the theme editor

Version 17

3rd April 2018

  • 'Smart payment button' functionality

Version 16.1.1

20th March 2018

  • Currency functionality

  • Fix for Instagram section (links sometimes not showing correctly)

Version 13.7

24th October 2017

  • Improved cart options

  • Fix for filter

  • Fix 'Text Adverts' loading (and showing a black bottom line) when empty (no blocks)

Version 13.6

17th October 2017

  • Further changes to page titles (make sure they are styled consistently)

  • Slide dots not showing by default

  • Cart price always on right (sometimes showed in center)

  • Change footer text to a darker grey

  • Added a small margin to left of dropdown menu arrow

  • Fix mobile menu error when cart is set to page

Version 13.5

16th October 2017

  • Add optional title and description to gallery images

  • Added missing JSON data

  • Slider now fires by default on mobile

  • Contact page - mobile images not cannot go over a maximum width of 100%

  • Change page template from H2 to H1

  • Removed extra padding at bottom of page templates

  • Fixed weird double pagination on certain instances of collection-template

  • Underline links in footer articles not removed

Version 9.1.3

21st November 2016

  • Removed Twitter API call

Version 9.1.2

23rd October 2016

  • Added 'Featured Image' block

Version 8.1

7th September 2016

  • Additional Google Font choices

  • Automatic addition of 'Account icon' in header when accounts are enabled

  • Improvements to home page onboarding

  • FlexSlider to 2.6.2 (from 2.4.0)

  • Removed blog sidebar 'Facebook Likes' box

  • Pinterest not sharing an image on article page

  • Small issue with DIV clearing on 'list-collections' template

Version 8.0.1

25th August 2016

  • Improvements to product image slider on mobile (with variant selection)

Version 7.2.8

15th June 2016

  • Improvements to Cart Functionality

Version 7.2.7

5th May 2016

  • Improvements to Mobile Menu

Version 7.2.6

4rd May 2016

  • Improvements to 'All Collections' page

Version 7.2.5

28th April 2016

  • Further improvements to PNG logo image uploads

Version 7.2.4

28th April 2016

  • Fixed issue with some logos not uploading correctly

Version 7.2.3

27th April 2016

  • Improved 'Password.liquid' page

Version 7.2.2

17th April 2016

  • Improved 'Remove' button in cart

Version 7.2.1

16th April 2016

  • Default rows on collection page now 3 (not 1)

Version 7.2

16th April 2016

  • Major update with new homepage section functionality

  • Added liquid changes to footer to mould to users preferences

Version 7

15nd March 2016

  • Fixed small bug when hovering a product image that is too small for box

  • Improved Cart 'Checkout Buttons'

  • Improved Instagram feed on mobile/tablet devices

  • Moved placement of 'Purchase Options' and 'Buy Now' button on Product Pages

Version 6.2

20th February 2016

  • (Re)added Instagram integration

Version 6.1

4th February 2016

  • Removed Instagram integration

Version 6.0.8

27 November 2015

  • Overhauled the theme settings

Version 6

23 October 2015

  • Added support for Apple Wallet

  • Integrated the new 'Article Image' feature

  • Improved look of 'Add to Cart' buttons

  • Enhanced error messages

  • Improved the blog advert in sidebar

  • Improved the social media sharing on the blog

  • Updated theme settings text

  • Fixed quantity box issue on preset 'Gothenburg'

  • No 'Featured Products' header when no collection is selected

Version 5.2

23rd April 2015

  • Add option to have 3/4 in a row on collection and homepage

  • Social media icons added to blog posts

  • 'Sold Out' now shows instead of price on collection pages

  • Ability to change 'Add to Cart' button

Version 5.1

8th April 2015

  • Added ability to remove Facebook Comments on product pages

  • Added support for Shopify Reviews

  • Footer Newsletter - Improved styling and added MailChimp functionality from dashboard

  • Improved Styling of Social Sharing Icons

Version 5.2

23rd April 2015

  • Add option to have 3/4 in a row on collection and homepage

  • Social media icons added to blog posts

  • 'Sold Out' now shows instead of price on collection pages

  • Ability to change 'Add to Cart' button

Version 5.2

23rd April 2015

  • Add option to have 3/4 in a row on collection and homepage

  • Social media icons added to blog posts

  • 'Sold Out' now shows instead of price on collection pages

  • Ability to change 'Add to Cart' button

Version 5

27th March 2015

  • Added more functionality to the popups, allowing images to be shown on the right

Version 4.3

16th March 2015

  • Added new 'dark' preset - Gothenburg!

Version 4.1.1

13th March 2015

  • Fixed small bug with caption sliders

Version 4.1

18th February 2015

  • Removed all reference to 'http:' so the theme now works in the new theme editor

Version 4.0.5

17th January 2015

  • Fixed bug with Pinterest on showing the product page

Version 4.0.4

20th December 2014

  • Optimised mobile menu and fixed small bug

Version 4.0.3

20th December 2014

  • Pop-ups have now been turned off on all presets

Version 4.0.2

20th December 2014

  • Fixed error with padding with using dropdown menus on the top header bar.

Version 4.0.1

10th December 2014

  • Fix error with FlexSlider sliders not coming out in sequential order

Version 4

9th December 2014

  • Incorporating the new features of version 3, V4 contains 100s of bug fixes, improvements and enhancements.

Version 2.6

27th August 2014

  • All new social media icons for the footer, and the addition of Instagram :)

Version 2.5.6

10th December 2014

  • Improved styling with the alternative payment methods on cart page

Version 2.5.5

4th August 2014

  • Fixed small bug on homepage when there were multiple products in 'Featured'

Version 2.5.4

23rd July 2014

  • Updated the product breadcrumb (product URL code on homepage)

Version 2.5.3

21st July 2014

  • Changed product.url on the collection pages

  • Updated the product breadcrumb

Version 2.5

17th June 2014

  • Major update, including enhancements and bug fixes

Version 2.1

23th September 2013

  • Added two more presets to the theme

Version 1.3.3

19th April 2013

  • Updated code for new Shopify Features

Version 1.3.2

4th March 2013

  • Fixed small bug when publishing certain articles

Version 1.3.1

18th December 2012

  • Fixed small CSS bug (z-index of #product-nav-wrapper)

Version 1.3

8th November 2012

  • Added homepage linklist

Version 1.2

31st October 2012

  • Removed CSS which hides slider when using mobile devices

  • Changed wording to ensure AdBlock shows the promotional boxes on homepage

  • Changed readme to reflect changes (from advert to promotional boxes)

  • Fixed width issue when using mobile devices

Version 1.1.5

11th October 2012

  • Changed mouseover delay from 100 milliseconds to 900

Version 1.1.4

25th September 2012

  • Added code to always include default header, Montserrat

Version 1.1.3

14th September 2012

  • Fixed spelling mistake

Version 1.1.2

7th September 2012

  • Added code that ensures blog posts always render properly

Version 1.1.1

6th August 2012

  • Removed extra Google Analytics code

  • Removed unneeded CSS

  • Removed extra hidden content

  • Changed attribution and readme location to

Version 1.0

10th June 2012

  • Initial release