Are My Apps Causing Theme Issues?


Changes to the Theme's Functionality

Here at WeTheme, unfortunately we do not have the means to view, diagnose, or address theme issues related to third-party apps.

When your theme's appearance or functionality unexpectedly changes, this signals that something has changed within your theme's code.

When code is altered on your theme, our support team at WeTheme unfortunately cannot view these changes. However, if custom changes have been ruled out as the culprit, we suggest investigating whether your theme has been affected by app integration.

Apps Causing Theme Issues

Installing Apps

Apps are designed to work with themes, and not the other way around.

This means that when you install an app from the Shopify app store, it integrates itself into your theme by either adding, removing, or amending code.

Example: If a theme is like a house, installing an app onto your theme is like adding a new feature to that house.

Installing an app therefore alters the code where the app meets the theme, like knocking down a wall to build an extension.

Uninstalling Apps

Uninstalling an app within your Shopify admin under Apps > Delete is the first step towards removing the app's code from your theme.

However, while uninstalling an app on your Apps dashboard removes the app, it does not necessarily replace the original code on the theme.

Example: Uninstalling an app can leave residual changes to a theme's code which can affect its appearance and functionality - similar to how simply removing the extension of a house may still leave a hole in the wall.

Fixing Issues Caused by Apps

Although the team at WeTheme would love to be able to dive into any app-related issues you are facing with your theme, we do not have the means to see, diagnose, or address issues caused by third-party apps.

We want the best outcome for all merchants using our theme, and this is why we follow Shopify's guidance on app support.

Shopify's Official Statement

Regarding third-party app support, Shopify states that:

'Most Shopify apps are built by third-party developers, not by Shopify. If you need help with an app or sales channel that was built by a third-party developer, then contact the developer directly.'

To read Shopify's full guide on getting help with third-party apps, click here.

Contacting the App Developer

Every app is different in the way it operates on a coding level - therefore, as per Shopify's guidelines, we will always direct you to the app developer to amend any changes to your theme following app integration.

Example: Theme issues caused by app integrations must be addressed by the app developer, in the same way that the builders of an extension would fix any problems caused by its removal - rather than the team who sold the house.

Once you have spoken with the app developers, we will always be happy to assist with any technical information you need about the theme itself to get any issues resolved.

Using Your Backup Theme

Due to the far-reaching and potentially compromising nature of altering theme code-files, Shopify recommends duplicating your theme to create a backup copy before adding apps, allowing you to start again if you need to.

  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.

  2. Select Envy, and click Actions > Duplicate.

Here at WeTheme, we strongly recommend following Shopify's advice and duplicating your working theme for worst-case scenarios.

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