These days, with customers shopping online from around the world, 24/7, making sure you embrace the global market is very important.

If a potential customer visits your site from the US and sees all prices displayed in British pounds, they very well could assume you do not ship to the US and depart - however, if a multiple currency dropdown selector is shown as an option on the storefront, this offers reassurance that their needs will be met.


The first step to make is to ensure that your storefront is set up to accept selling in multiple currencies, under Shopify Payments.

Please navigate to:

  1. Admin

  2. Settings

  3. Payment Providers

  4. Under the 'Shopify Payments' section at the top, click Manage:

In the Multiple currencies section, enable the currencies that you want to support from the list of accepted currencies - remember to hit Save, when you're done


You may see the cyan warning message below - not to worry, your theme is completely set up for this with its own currency selector, by default:


Once this step - selecting and saving your preferred currencies - is done, your Envy theme will be immediately able to display these options for you in the Currency Selector, allowing your customer to freely select their currency to shop in:

This Selector option can be added to both your Header and Footer, allowing the customer to change their currency immediately and accessibly.

To enable these options, please navigate to the Customise otions for both section, to ensure these are enabled in their linked Selector settings:


For more information relating to this, please see the Shopify guide below: