To begin the setup, please navigate to:

  1. Admin

  2. Settings

  3. Store languages

  4. In Translated languages, click Add Languages:

In this menu, select the language of preference - you can see German has already been added, for example in the above screen shot and hit Add to add this to the storefront.

Once the language has been added, the option to switch to this language has now been added to the storefront - however, the actual translated content may not have been.

You can either manually translate the data fields within the language, or you can use a Shopify app in order to do so, as you'll also be prompted by the menu itself.


In setting up our example storefront, we have used the free app below:

Translation Lab - Shopify Apps

However, other language apps are available for this purpose and we would definitely recommend experimenting with different apps to suit your preferences and needs.


Here is an short list of alternative Shopify apps you may wish to try:

Once this process has been done for all the languages you're happy to use within the storefront - added within the Shopify Admin and translated either manually or by a Shopify app - your setup is complete:


Once the above setup is complete, Envy has a Language Selector function available to allow customers to switch the active language to suit their preferences:

This Selector option can be added to both your Header and Footer by their specific Customise options, allowing the customer to change their active language easily and immediately:


For more information relating to this, please see the Shopify guide below: