Page Load, Performance and Speed

All of our themes are built with speed as one of our priorities and are optimised with this in mind.

Providing a seamless experience to customers accessing your store on a wide range of devices and connections is always the first consideration for us when adding or improving existing features in any of our themes.

We follow Shopify's strict policies surrounding site performance and fully adhere to their established procedures, which all Shopify theme developers also must do.

Essentially, all themes on the Shopify theme store are built using the same framework, both premium and free, regardless of the type of product it is likely to be used to sell.

Site loading speed is of huge importance when creating themes and we have squeezed out as much as we possibly can using the available coding methods, to ensure Shopify's criteria are met or exceeded.

Our performance-enhancing features include:

  • Lazyloading images so that the most appropriately-sized image is served for the device and connection

  • Respecting the low-data setting on mobiles, for example when deciding to autoplay videos

  • Concatenated & minified javascript to reduce the number of HTTP requests

  • Deferring javascript loading where possible to avoid any render-blocking scripts

  • Preloading images where possible (in product sliders, collection grids, etc)

  • Providing the option to infinite scroll / 'load more' on collection listings to avoid additional page loads

Any speed reports or analytics which suggest improvements are required will flag up the same suggestions for other themes due to the framework which exists when building on the platform.

Another option would be to keep the number of apps you plan on installing to a minimum, as these will increase page loading times also - please see the guide below for more details: