Image Dimensions


While it's possible to upload your storefront's images in other sizes and aspect ratios, we recommend the following sizes to make your shop look sharp and professional.

The image sizes that we have outlined in pixels are formatted in Width x Height. Unless your customers use high DPI displays, your theme scales down the images to fit perfectly in your customers' browser window.

Product Images

  • Square product image: 2000 x 2000px

  • Landscape product image: 2000 x 1800px

  • Portrait product image: 1600 x 2000 px.

Collection Images

  • Banner image: 2000 x 175px

  • Feature image: 480 x 320px.

Image Sections

  • Gallery image: 1250 x 650 px (dependent on your choice of layout)

  • Image with text: 1200 x 800 px

  • Home page slideshow (larger screens): 2600 x 1000 px

  • Home page slideshow (common laptop and desktop sizes): 2000 x 900px


  • Blog post image: 1000 x 350px


  • Checkout banner image: 1000 x 400px

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  • What your query is about

  • Which theme you are using

  • Your URL

  • Your password (if the shop is locked for visiting customers)

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