Announcement Bar

The announcement bar is located at the very top of your page, above your site’s logo and social media icons, giving it a very prominent position on your storefront, catching the eye immediately. It is the perfect place to quickly engage with your customers and make them aware of important information.

Your Announcement bar can work to welcome your customers to your store; let them know of current and upcoming promotions, all helping encourage the customer to make a purchase.


  1. Admin

  2. Online Store > Themes > Customise

  3. Sections

  4. Announcement bar

  5. Add the text you wish to be displayed by filling in the “Announcement text” field.

If you wish to add a link to a Collection, Page, Product or Blog post, you can choose any of these by clicking in the “Announcement link” entry field - this will bring up a list to choose from.

To add your own custom link, just paste it directly into the entry field and hit Return/Enter to finalise this.

Changing the colors for your Announcement bar

You can easily change both the background and text colours of your Announcement bar independently.

Simply click on the coloured rectangle next to “Announcement background” or “Announcement text” and this will display a color selector - helping you choose a colour which best matches your intended purchase.

Changing typography

To alter your announcement bar’s typography, head here:

Enable Social media icon's in announcement bar

Social media icons can be enabled to display in the announcement bar via the checkbox highlighted below.

Icons can sit either to the right or in the center. When the Announcement bar is enabled with an announcement to display, icons will sit on the right. If no announcement is present, icons will be centralised.

When browsing on a mobile device, if Social media Icons are enabled, the icons will sit in the center of the announcement bar.

You can edit your social media links and settings through your theme settings: