Blog Posts


Your blog is a place for you to tell the story of your brand, share your company ethos, and build a rapport with your customers by allowing them to comment and interact with your posts.

Engaging readers is not only a great way for you to spread the word about your products, but it's also deeply beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO).

Blog posts on Envy.

While your theme dictates how your blog is visually presented, your Blog and Blog posts are managed within your Shopify admin area under Sales Channels > Blog posts.

You can create new content by selecting Add blog post.

Shopify admin > Sales Channels > Blog posts.

Blog posts are housed within your Blog, rather than being interchangable terms for one another; to learn more about how these are different, click here to read the Shopify help pages on blogs.

Having added your Blog and Blog posts within your Shopify admin, you then have the option to add these to your storefront.


  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes.

  2. Click your theme, and select Customize.

  3. On the left-hand menu, select Add section.

  4. Scroll down to select Blog posts.

  5. Click Select.

Add Section > Blog posts > Select.

Adding Blog Content

To add blogs, select Add content. You will then be given the option to pick:

Selected Blog

If you wish to add a whole Blog, simply click Selected blog.

By clicking Select blog, you will be able to choose a blog that has been created within your Shopify admin.

To learn how to add a blog, click here to read Shopify's help pages.

Add content > Selected blog.

Selected Blog Posts

Alternatively, you can choose to display up to four different Blog posts, regardless of which Blog they are from.

Within the section From the blog, click Add content > Selected blog posts.

Under First blog post, click Select article, and choose which specific blog post you would like to add - repeat this up to three more times until you have added all the article you wish to display in this section.

Add content > Selected blog posts.

Color Scheme

You can change the colors of your blog page by choosing one of the following options from the Color Scheme drop-down menu:

  • White

  • Light

  • Feature

  • Dark

Settings > Color scheme.

Heading & Subheading

While neither are required fields, you can choose to add a Heading and a Subheading by typing them into the entry fields under Settings.

These will then appear above your blog posts, allowing you to help advertise the articles you are featuring.

The Heading and Subheading only feature plain text, and therefore can't include any bold or italic text.

Adding a subheading and heading to your blog section.

Number of Posts

You can select a number between 1 and 4 to choose how many blog posts are displayed within this section by using the Posts slider.

Changing the amount of posts that display on the page.

Underneath each post, an introductory taster of each article will be displayed.

Show Author Name

In order to display the name of who wrote each blog post, select Show author name.

Displaying the author name under the blog posts.

Show Dates

To display the dates when the blog posts were published, select Show dates.

Displaying the dates under the blog posts.

Show Post Images

To show the images from your blog posts, select Show post images.

Displaying the post images over the blog posts.

Image Size

You have to option to resize the images on your blog posts to match different aspect ratio sizes, including:

  • Natural

  • Square (1:1)

  • Landscape (4:3)

  • Portrait (2:3)

  • Wide (16:9)

Simply go to Image Size, and choose an option from the drop-down menu.

Changing the image size.

🌟 We recommend reading the following guides from Shopify's help pages to learn more about getting started with your blog: