Collections List


Your Collection list section is where you can advertise collections of your choice on your homepage.

This can be a great way to shed light on your best-sellers, new releases, and hidden gems - and it's also a great way to upsell additional products or services that your customer may not be aware you sell.

An example of a collection list advertising three collections.


  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes.

  2. Click your theme, and select Customize.

  3. On the left-hand menu, select Add section.

  4. Scroll down to select Collection lists.

  5. Click Select.

Add Section > Collection lists.

Adding Collections

Creating Collections

In order to add collections to your Collections list, they must already exist within your Shopify admin.


  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Products.

  2. In the drop-down menu underneath, select Collections.

  3. To add a new collection, select Create collection.

Shopify admin > Products > Collections

To learn more about Collections, click here to read Shopify's help pages.


Adding Collections to the List

Once your collections have been set up within your Shopify admin, you can add collections to your Collections list by going to Collection > Select collection.

Choose which of your collections you wish to add, and click Select to confirm your choice.

Collection > Select collection.

Selecting a collection will then display it within a content block - you can add up to 12 collections in total by selecting Add Collection.

Content > Add Collection

Removing Collections from the List

To delete a Collection from this list, click on the content block to view its settings.

Click the ellipses at the top right-hand corner, and select Remove - as signified by the trashcan symbol.

Select the content block, and remove the collection from the list.

Changing the Order

You can also swap the order in which the collections appear on the page, by clicking and dragging them into your desired position.

Swapping the order of how the collections appear within the section.

Color Scheme

You can change the colors of your Collections list by choosing one of the following options from the Color Scheme drop-down menu:

  • White

  • Light

  • Feature

  • Dark

Changing the color scheme of the collections list.

Heading & Subheading

While neither are required fields, you can choose to add a Heading and a Subheading by typing them into the entry fields under Settings.

These will then appear above your Collections list, allowing you to help advertise the collections you are featuring.

A new Heading will also rename this section entirely.

The Heading and Subheading only feature plain text, and therefore can't include any bold or italic text.

Adding a heading and subheading to your collections list.