Image with Text Block

Offers a focused visual element, with text content to illustrate information to the customer in an attention-holding way.


This section type was added in Envy Version 25.

You may need to update the theme version you're working with, to add this Section, if you do not see it available in your storefront - see below for more information relating to this:

Adding the Image with text block section

To add the “image with text block” section, head to your theme’s sections area:

  1. Admin

  2. Online Store → Themes →Customize

  3. Sections

  4. Choose "Add section"

  5. Select "Image with text block"

You will then be presented with the following options:



Use the control here to add your desired image.

Please see our guide below for more information about our recommendations for images:


The controls here allow you to change the colors within your overlaid text Block.


This field changes the color of the text, to your preference.


Changes the color of the box below the text - which can also be set to a transparent color:

Change text and background color within content window

Content Position

Reposition your content within the section to either sit left, centre or right, overlaying the image:

Re-position your


Changes the text content that makes up the larger title line of text


Changes the rest of the text content within the box.

Button controls

Button label

If you chose to add a clickable button, this control changes the text content on the button

This control sets the page that your customer that your customer will see when the button is clicked - this must be set before the button will visibly appear:

The color of the Button link here is decided by your colors setup in the theme settings, for reference: