Your Map section is where you can display your physical store's location using the Google Map platform.

Establishing your online storefront alongside your brick-and-mortar outlet solidifies your brand’s credibility.

Example of a Map section.


  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes.

  2. Click your theme, and select Customize.

  3. On the left-hand menu, select Add section.

  4. Scroll down to select Map.

  5. Click Select.

Add section > Map

Heading & Subheading

While neither are required fields, you can choose to add a Heading and a Subheading above your map by typing them into the entry fields under Settings.

A new Heading will also rename this section entirely.

The Heading and Subheading only feature plain text, and therefore can't include any bold or italic text.

Adding a subheading and heading to your map.

Address and Hours

Use the Address and hours entry field to let your customers know how and when to get to your store.

You can also use bold, italic, or linked text to ensure that these details are formatted clearly.

Adding the address and hours text.

Map Address

By entering your Map address, Google Maps will find the exact location and display it as a map for the background of the section.

Map Style

By using the Map style drop-down menu, you can change the color scheme that the map is displayed in - this allows you to seamlessly blend your map in with the rest of your storefront.


Standard map style.


Silver map style.


Retro map style.


Dark map style.


Night map style.


Aubergine map style.

Google Maps API Key

Use the Google Maps API key entry field to paste the key for your specific location - this is essential for making your map visible within the section.

Example of the Google Maps API key (blurred for security purposes).

Map Link Label

To make your button visible underneath your text, use the Map link label entry field to write something that will invite your customers to click - this will take them to your store's location within Google Maps.

Labelling the button that links to your map.

Background Image

To add an image to display in the background of the section for times when your map does not load, click Select image.

Upload a new image, or select a pre-existing image from your Library or Shopify's Free Images.

Adding an image to your map section as a backup.