Collections list

If you are looking to display every one of your collections in a central place, as opposed to, or as well as on your storefront’s homepage sections, then the collections list is for you.

Many customers arrive at a site and after a few minutes decide they really like a few products. It’s after this that they often like to dig deeper and see everything offered on the store, so they can go on to add multiple items to their cart and assemble a selection of goodies which suit their needs.

Having this dedicated page in place gives you the chance to exposed your customers to more choices and options than may have been the case if they had seen a single “featured collection” section on your storefront.

The collections list shows the broadest view possible of your store’s offerings and is a very solid component to any successful online shop.

Getting Started

To get started, head to:

  1. Admin

  2. Online store → Themes → Customize

  3. From the dropdown page selector, choose “collections list”

4. From the left-hand-side settings panel, choose the option “list collections”


Here is Shopify’s guide on creating a collection:

Shopify Help - Collections

Customizing the Collections List Page

Follow the above steps and you will see these options:

Products per collection

Use the dropdown to select how many products you would like to display in a row, for each collection. Choose 3, 4, 5 or 6:

Here is an example of 3 products per row:

Theme Settings

Click Theme Settings to reveal these settings:

Hover effect

As the cursor moves over the product image, animation can be applied to encourage the customer to click on the product.

None This will show no animation on hover

Zoom This will “zoom” in on the image slightly

Show second product image

This will display a second image which is pulled from within the product’s information

You can see examples of these effects on our Collection Pages

Auto-height images

Toggle this option to tidy up the way images are displayed, according to their height attempting to make them more uniform.


Although the auto-height feature is a great help in many cases, it is important to make sure all of your images are of the same aspect ratio from the point of upload - this is the only true way of ensuring all images match.

More information on this is present here:


Toggle between hidden and visible.


You will need to install Shopify's Product Reviews app before enabling this option:

Product Reviews

Further reading

Create a new page template and assign certain collections.

Shopify Help - Feature a subset of collections on a Page

Your collections are displayed in alphabetical order, by default. Alter this by following this guide:

Shopify Help - Change the order of your collections