At some stage, you will likely be looking to add a contact page, maybe a terms and conditions page, a page which explains more about the company ethos and so on. Shopify, somewhat unsurprisingly, simply calls these “pages” and they can be set up very easily.

Not all of your site needs to display products for sale and you may wish to have more simple content, such as a block of text with an image or two. ‘Pages’ are perfect for this.

It’s important to point out that pages are created outside the theme editor, within the Shopify admin area, which means that although they are tied by a certain degree to the theme, they are controlled mainly by the broader Shopify platform.

Pages do not appear on the homepage - they exist solely in a secondary/subpage capacity. Only the home page can have sections applied. Pages do not support sections.


This is a Shopify platform-wide limitation across all themes, both premium and free, not theme-specific.

Shopify has a great resource available which explains pages in more detail:

Creating a basic Page

To set up a page on your site, head to:

  1. Admin

  2. Online Store → Pages

  3. Select “add page” at the top right

  4. Add your page title and content


Keep in mind that when you add your page title and save your changes, the title is added to the page’s unique URL. You can check this and change it at any time by selecting “Edit website SEO":

The SEO box will expand and show more entry fields. Note how the URL / handle has taken on the page title entered initially:

Changing the page’s title will not result in an auto-update of the URL / handle. You must change this in the SEO area mentioned above.

Setting up a Contact page

To set up a contact page, you can use a ‘page template’ which comes supplied with the theme. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Admin area

  2. Online Store → Pages

3. Choose the existing page you wish to use as your contact form or select "Add Page" to create a new one.

4. Under "Template", select the dropdown option "

Here’s how your contact page could look:

The page template shows Name, Email, Phone number and Message by default. You can change these entry field titles in your theme's languages editor.

Email shouldn't be changed as the field will always look for an email address and won't work if someone adds anything other than an email address in the field.

The same applies to the Phone Number field.

Your languages editor can be found here:

  1. Admin

  2. Online Store → Themes

  3. Actions → Edit Languages

  4. Search for "Contact form"

  5. You should then see something similar to this, where you can edit the field titles

5. Any changes here will be reflected on the storefront.

Customising my Pages further

You may like to take a look at this app which increases page layout possibilities:

Or you could add an alternate page template: