By enabling a Popup, you can directly and powerfully communicate marketing messages to your customers, advertise your social media networks, and encourage guests to subscribe to your mailing list.

This popup appears at the bottom of the page upon entering the site, and must be actively interacted with in order to close it.

Example of a Popup.


  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes.

  2. Click your theme, and select Customize.

  3. On the left-hand menu, select Theme settings.

  4. Scroll down to select Popup.

Theme settings > Popup

You can edit your popup's color scheme through your Colors theme settings - click here to learn more.

Enable Popup

To enable this functionality on your storefront, select Enable popup.

Select this checkbox to enable the popup on your page.

Enable Test Mode

By selecting Enable test mode, the popup will be forced to show on every refresh - this should only be used for editing the popup.

Select this checkbox to temporaily test your popup's functionality.

Ensure that you disable this function before launching your store by deselecting Enable test mode.


To signify what your popup is advertising, type your Heading into the entry field.

Popup heading entry field.

This heading will then appear above your text and any other features enabled on the popup.

Heading displayed on the popup.


Use the Text entry field to input the body of your marketing message.

Popup text entry field.

This text will then appear underneath your heading and above any other features which have been enabled on the popup.

Text on the popup.


You also have the option to upload an image onto your popup, which can be a powerful way to grab your customers' attention.

To add an image to the popup, go to Image and click Select image. Upload a new image, or select a pre-existing image from your Library or Shopify's Free Images.

🌟 We recommend uploading an image with 400 x 400 pixels.

Upload, change, edit, or remove an image for your popup.

This image will then be displayed to the right of the popup, and will be equal in size to the body of the popup.

Example of an image on a popup.

Days Until Popup Is Displayed Again

Using the Days until popup is displayed again drop-down menu, you can choose how often your popup is displayed on a customer's page between visits:

  • One week

  • Two weeks

  • Three weeks

  • Four weeks

Drop-down menu allowing you to choose the frequency of the popup.

Delay Until Popup Appears

Using the Delay until popup appears slider, you can choose how long it takes for your popup to appear on a customer's page, between 1 and 15 seconds.

Moving the slider to choose how long the popup delay is.

Enable Social Icons

By selecting Enable social icons, your social media icons will appear at the bottom of the popup.

In order for these icons to appear, they must first be configured through Theme settings > Social media - to learn more, please read the guide below:

Social media icons enabled on the popup.

Enable Newsletter Signup

By selecting Enable newsletter signup, an entry field will appear on your popup stating Enter email - this is where your customers can add themselves to your store's mailing list.

Email addresses entered here will be saved within your Shopify admin settings under Customers.

Enabling the newsletter signup entry field on the popup.

To learn more about newsletter signups across your store, please read our guide below: