As of version 22.1 and later, all product grid settings are now managed from one space here, under 'Theme Settings' to make a more manageable control point.

Show Vendor

Toggle between hidden and visible.

Show SKU

Toggle this option on to allow the customer to easily see the linked SKU for the Product in question, or to hide this - good for storefront selling technical products, who want the customer to immediately have access to this

Show Swatches

Displays color for the image in question - please see the guide below for more information referring to the setup of this:

Enable reviews

Toggle between hidden and visible.

Review stars appear under your product title:


You will need to install Shopify's Product Reviews app before enabling this option: Shopify App Store: Product Reviews

Product Grids

Hover Effect



Enable Auto-height

Toggle whether the auto-height feature is enabled or disabled.

This setting uses advanced CSS to provide enhanced visual consistency and continuity across your site

Here's how you can do this:

  1. Admin

  2. Online store → Themes → Customise

  3. Navigate to a collection page in the right-hand-side preview window.

  4. Using the left-hand settings panel, select 'Collection pages'

  5. Choose 'Enable auto-height':


Whilst this setting can tidy up your images and attempt the unify the way they are displayed, the only true way of aligning your images is to keep them consistent in aspect ratio by cropping correctly either before uploading to the Shopify admin or in the Shopify image editor:

Grid image size

All instances of the product grid now have an aspect ratio options for images instead of the auto-height setting. The options are:


The image presented in its natural dimensions, with no changes made.

Square (1:1)

Tall (2:3)

Wide (4:3)

The above options all modify how the images appear to better fit the matching Aspect Ratio.

For more information on Aspect Ratiots and our matching recommendations for these, please see the guide below: