Verification Pop up

Display age requirement, or other disclaimer.

As of Envy version 26.4.0, Verification pop up's can be added and enabled on your theme. This can be used for age related content, advisors or warnings.


This pop up has further options to customise the pop up to your requirement.

Enabling the Pop-up

Enabling this can be done from the Enable Verification Pop up check box, as shown below:

Test Mode can be enabled and will display the verification on every page. When you are done with editting, turn off test mode.

Background Color

Background color can be edited with this option. Changing the color, changes the background for the verification pop up.

The background color is currently set to a Pinkish hue.

Background Image

Instead of a single color, you can chose to have an image instead.

Adding Logo's

A logo can be added above the pop up content.

A width can be set for the Logo, readjusting its size within the pop up.

Verification Questions

The Verification Pop up can be used for a number of means. These options control the content displayed.

As the merchant, you can edit this to however you see fit, for specific requirement.

Declined Page

The Decline page displays when the requirement for the pop up has not been met:


When the user fails the requirement for entry into the store, a new display for the pop up will display, preventing access or viewing of the store.

The content here can be edited within the options offered in the customise. These look like the below:

As above with the Verification Questions, these can be edited to fit your specific requirement.

If you have any feedback, or ideas on improving this feature, please send us an email at A member of our team will be in touch!